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Igor Tutelman's Journey

Humble Beginnings

I was born in a small village called Mohyliv-Podilskyi Raion of the Vinnytsia Oblast, Ukraine. A tiny town, once a part of the Soviet Union, and now an unassuming burrow on the border with Moldova with a large Jewish history. Our family emigrated in 2000 and started a fresh life in the states, with little to no belongings. Since then my parents have arduously worked to build a future for my sister and myself.  


My entrepreneurial journey sprouted out of a combination of ADHD and curiosity. After failing to find a case for my iPhone that was high quality and stylish at a reasonable price point, I decided to make my own out of leather. Eventually, this turned into a $2.000 investment into a full leathercraft toolset and several hides and I started creating and selling leather goods on Etsy. I decided to stop my senior year before coming to college as I had recouped my initial investment and made some return, but my entrepreneurial spirit was awoken, and it could not be silenced. 

Although I came into Case Western Reserve University as a Pre-Med Biomedical Engineer, I left as a Pre-law Accountant and Data Analyst. Early on, I realized that I was not pursuing medicine for the right reasons, and there were better ways for me to use my skills to help the world around me. I decided that entrepreneurship would be the journey I would embark to make my lasting impression on this planet.

Fudu > D'Lite Bite > PastryNow > SupplyNow

SupplyNow started as an idea I had with my fraternity brother, and one of my best friends, Aaron George. Aaron came back from a semester abroad in Madrid with the same entrepreneurial spirit as crafting leather had left me with and, well, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The original idea arose from and was run out of our fraternity house, where we sourced and delivered tasty locally-made pastries late at night. Finally, after several pivots and a few months of traction, we were devasted by the plague of 2020: COVID-19.

COVID-19 forced us to make a difficult decision: settle our affairs and lay PastryNow to rest or, go back to the drawing board, salvage the sunk costs, and try one more time. Boy am I glad that we gave it another shot. 

SupplyNow is a group purchasing software company that aggregated ingredient reordering for restaurants by city and saves them money when they need it most. We are working with 35 Cleveland restaurants and helping them weather this storm, one day at a time. 

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