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Igor's background in accounting and tax coupled with his entrepreneurial experiences motivated him to start his own tax practice, Iota Finance. Igor focuses on helping small- and mid-sized businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs navigate the complicated tax code through comprehensive tax and business strategy planning to ensure they minimize their tax liability and grow their wealth.

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Igor's entrepreneurial journey started with SupplyNow, a regional purchasing collective that uses software to save restaurants food and money on their ingredient reordering. Igor left SupplyNow in June 2021 after almost 4 years of growing the company from 0 to 1.


Igor recently had the opportunity to join the hosts of Weatherhead School of Management's exclusive podcast series, What Really Matters with hosts Alyssa Marynowski and Connor Reider. It was a lovely discussion and we covered everything from unconventional career paths to entrepreneurship to self-auditing and being a sponge. Check out the episode through one the links below:


Igor facilitates a discussion on entrepreneurship in Ukraine as Russia invades the soverign state.

Igor recently facilitated a discussion with Ukrainian entrepreneurs through the Veale Institute. They discussed the impact that Russia's recent invasion has on their jobs, companies, lives, and families. This was a heart-breaking discussion but a wonderful dialogue. For more information on how to support the people of Ukraine, please visit this link.

Igor recently facilitated a discussion with Case Western Reserve University Alumni on entrepreneurship through the Veale Institute. They discussed their recent company sale and different virtues and values that helped them become so successful. 

At CES 2021, Igor discussed innovations in an age-old technology with PlugHitz speaker, Christopher Jordan. 

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