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Ukraine Fundraiser Impact Report

Thank you for making a difference.

The help and support of all our friends and family have been astounding and I would like to personally thank you. In order to promote transparency, the following report details the sources and destinations of the funds. Please note that a significant amount of time was spent researching the organizations that were selected to receive funds, however, this is in no way a guarantee or personal endorsement of any individual or organization. The organizations chosen were chosen based on their tenure, leadership, specific goals, and core values. 

For more information about how to support Ukraine, financially and otherwise, please scroll to the resources at the bottom of this page. If you have any inquiries for the report creator, please use this link to submit an inquiry and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Sources of Funds Raised


Friends & Family


Tutelman Family

Add'l Contributions

$6,500 raised

in support of Ukraine's Military, First Responders, Medical Supplies & Equipment, and Children's Resources




Of the funds raised, over 70% came from friends and family contributions and Igor's match. Approximately 29% were separate contributions made by the Tutelman Family directly to a local Ukrainian church (redacted for privacy reasons), which were sent over directly to Ukraine. The rest of the funds raised will be going to the various organizations listed below. 

Fund Allocation Among Organizations

Fund Destination Chart.png

Given the volatility of the situation in Ukraine, funds have been split up between several organizations, and specifically earmarked for Ukrainian support causes. As a result, we are also staggering payment distributions to ensure that funds are sent over sustainably; unfortunately, war has no expiration date. This chart will be updated as funds are continued to be deployed to end organizations. 

Resources to Continue to Support Ukraine

Although the fundraiser is wrapping up, the war in Ukraine rages on without mercy or solace for those affected. You can still contribute to supporting the Ukrainian people against the Kremlin's atrocities. For more ways to support Ukraine, please visit this link.

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